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Mini Cross Quilt + Pinnie GRUPEN WALLPAPER

September 30th was my fabulous friend Kerry 's birthday! I whipped up a mini quilt and a matching pinnie for her earlier last month so that my gift for her would get there on time. I surprised myself by finishing them up way before the deadline - a week before her birthday. Unusual of me :D She gave me such a pretty pillow for my birthday/house warming gift. (which I'll show you how wonderfully it looks in my craft space once I am done setting it up!) It is the cutest and most meaningful pillow I have ever owned! I knew I would not be able to make anything comparable, but I still wanted to send her handmade love :) Choosing fabrics for this quilt could not have been more enjoyable, because each and every fabric used here is what I know Kerry likes! Kumiko Fujita , Suzuko Koseki , Denyse Schmidt , Lori Holt , cooking, sewing, typography, vintage fabric, and linen - so ya, we share the love for lots of fabric designs! And you know it makes quite a big difference when you are ma

Blocks for me in the Ringo Pie bee GRUPEN WALLPAPER

This is one of the songs I will be listening while piecing together blocks everyone has made for my month in the Ringo Pie Bee. (Remember the theme was anything to do with delivering letters and packages?) In this bee, we are allowed to use our own stashes and come up with whatever blocks that fit monthly themes. It is quite challenging because we design original block patterns monthly (not required, but most of us like to do), and we all feel a quit bit of pressure since everyone in this bee is super talented. But I consider myself a super lucky girl to be in this bee. I love how accomplished I feel every time I finish my block, how inspired I am by everyone's awesome blocks, and how kind, encouraging, and friendly everyone is in this bee. And now that I have seen these blocks folks have made for me, which are all super amazing, I am loving this bee even more!! Ok, let me share with you those completed blocks by everyone so far. The Beatle's "Please, Mister Postman"

Envelops and Mailbox Block for Ringo Pie GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Remember I told you that May is my month in Ringo Pie bee ? Seriously, you have no idea how excited I am about receiving everyone's blocks - 11 members besides me; therefore, 11 envelops/packages to come. Ever since I picked my theme which is "Delivering letters and packages," I knew I was going to paper-piece 11 envelops. My initial plan was to embroider everyone's initial on each envelop, but I wasn't sure if I could pick the best envelop for everyone, so I decided not to. Or in other words, I just got tired of working on this. lol I used photoshop to design a simple envelop pattern, and then picked 11 different solids that seemed to work well together. Well, that may just have sounded an easy step, but choosing 11 solids was one of the hardest part of this project. Most of my craft projects are improvised; I barely ever go fabric-shopping with any particular projects in mind, but I couldn't be happy with my solids collection, so I had a few trips to fabric

I've been crafty GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Here is the Spring block I made for Lucinda for Ringo Pie Bee . (Sorry the resolution of the picture isn't very good - hopefully I'll get to take a better picture once the sun comes out.) I spent days sketching some ideas for this month, trying to come up with a design that has lots of neutral colors which she asked for, but after much thought, I was determined that I really want colorful flowers in it and I ended up compensating with a background in a neutral color. Keeping my fingers crossed that this turned out ok and it will look good with everyone else's Spring blocks for her. This is the fourth pincushion I made for a custom order. The recipient asked for a sewing theme, so I had fun picking out sewing themed fabrics from my stash and whipped up this guy. I am happy with the outcome so is the recipient, woohoo! Here is a diaper pouch I made for a little boy I babysit. Ever since Anna posted this awesome tutorial , I knew I would make it for him. I can't believe

Still on a pincushion mission GRUPEN WALLPAPER

I have to warn you.. this post is once again going to be about log cabin pincushions that I've been making like crazy these days.. so if you are sick of looking at my pincushions by now, it might be better off to skip this post. If you still have patience to read my tedious story about each of three new pincushions, I thank you in advance for taking the time to do so :) This is probably one of my favorite pincushions I have made so far. So the story goes like this.. the blue bird (in the middle) is hungry and looking for some veggies to munch on. But as you can see, there is another bird flying in to grab the veggies on the right top corner. I felt bad, so I decided to leave him with two carrots on the left bottom. Let's hope he'll find the carrots before the other guy comes to get them. I really really like this one too. I'm so happy that I made it because this is my first project ever that I used this many purple/lavender fabrics for. I always thought I am not the big


is a very kind, sweet, generous, and creative lady I very much look up to. She has sent me lots of packages full of yummy goodies including truly precious vintage fabrics, her handmade items, and her lavender which smells the BEST! Knowing how skilled of a seamstress she is, I feel embarrassed to make anything for her, (because I know surely that she can make the same thing just a trillion times better!) but to me, there is no better way than creating something personal to show appreciation from my heart. I'm sure many of you can agree with me :) I made this with her name in patchwork not knowing what it was going to be. I thought she might like to use it as a mug rug, so I used insul bright batting but I also thought she might be kind to decide to hang it, so I added a few small loops on the back. I really enjoyed making it and couldn't wait to get this to her! Soon, I will have a post on many handmade gifts I have received from several blog friends over the span of a few mont