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Christmas in July: Mini Fabric Tape Tutorial GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Welcome to the third stop on the Christmas in July blog hop! Thank you Elizabeth for hosting this fabulous blog hop and for inviting me to take a part! If you are anything like me, you'd wait til the last minute to get working on Christmas gifts and realize a few days before Christmas that you totally underestimated the time it takes to finish up gifts. Then you end up rushing into stores to pick up store-bought presents for your loved ones. You are apologetic that you are giving the store bought stuff rather than handmade gifts that you had dreamed about making for them. Your new year's resolution would include "Start making Christmas gifts WAY earlier!!" Can you relate? Then maybe it's time for us to start doing something perhaps!! Today I would like to share with you a very simple fabric tape tutorial. I like making these because it is a great way to use up my fabric scraps, and I enjoy using the tape for packages I put together. If you live in the country th

Tutorial: Scrappy Hour Glass Blocks GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Hello everyone! Here is a virtual big hug for all of you lovely folks for coming back  here after my longest blog break ever. I apologize for having being away for this long  without giving you a heads-up (again!). I have been tied up with some project  for the past few months, which is coming to an end now, so I will be back to  my normal crafting and blogging schedule very very soon! I can hardly wait!  You have no idea how much stuff I have on my to-blog-about list now.  I have so many things I want to talk about and share you with, but for today, I have a super simple scrappy hour glass block tutorial for you. Do you remember this quilt top? I started working on this about a year  and a half years ago with no plan ahead. I just had so much fun playing with my precious  scrappy fabrics and hoped they would inspire me to make something with them.   I remember this project being very pleasing partly because it didn't turn out  to be too busy (at least I think so, hehe!) I love sc

12 Gifts of Christmas Blog Hop: Organizer Basket Tutorial GRUPEN WALLPAPER

I was flattered when Jennifer of Ellison Lane Quilts kindly asked me to be a part of 12 gifts of Christmas Blog Hop !  You've probably read about it over Jennifer's already by now, but we are bringing you 12 free tutorials on Christmas  gift makings! One tute per day through October 25th! Sounds fun, right?! Jennifer started it off with a fabulous double  sided pace mat tutorial yesterday and here I am hosting a second stop with a tutorial on how to make these easy-peasy organizer baskets! Not ready to think about Christmas yet? Me neither, but we know it will come before we know it! Jennifer picked this perfect timing to get this rolling so that we have plenty of time to whip up gifts! It's been over a year since I last posted a tutorial,  so I was a bit nervous writing this up, although it is probably the easiest project among all sewing tutes  I have ever written, hehe. Hopefully I took enough pictures so that the visual will help you through! If you have any questions