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Let's Bake! ~ October blocks for SP QAL~ GRUPEN WALLPAPER

It is the time of the month again! I have a new set of blocks for the Super Penguin Quilt Along! This month, we've got a chocolate bar, a baking set, and a kitchen scale! It is available here through superbuzzy ! A chocolate bar! This is such a fun block to make! Not a big fan of milk chocolate or brown fabric in general? Then maybe you can make it white, strawberry, or even greentea chocolate or possibly a combination of all yummy colors!? You are the chef! A baking set! One thing I am very pleased about this block is ease! It may look a bit complicated at first, but actually it consists of only two sections - top and bottom, which makes the whole process pretty easy and quick. A kitchen scale! This one is easy peasy and beginner-friendly! This too consists of only two sections, top and bottom, so it comes together pretty quick! Each of these measures 7 1/2”W x 7”H finished = a perfect size for a potholder if you want to turn one block into it! Here is how all my QAL blocks look l

Thank you and your Super Penguin Blocks! GRUPEN WALLPAPER

First off, thank you SO MUCH for your super thoughtful and encouraging comments and emails about my book! It was quite nerve-wracking to spill the beans. Your sweet words touched my heart so much I don't know how many times I found myself teary. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you! Inside the book is a collection of projects I had wanted to make for a long time. I love the projects in it and my fingers are tightly crossed that you will like them too! A Sew-Along for the book? I had never thought about that until several friends suggested, but I love what I hear! The slide show above is a collection of your creations with super penguin QAL blocks that have been posted in this flickr pool ! I don't think I am the only one drooling over those lovely blocks!! Thank you for everyone who is quilting along and is sharing your photos there. I love them so much!! I am now working on blocks for October now. (It will be a bit late again!) Can't wait to share them with you!

Super Penguin QAL ~ September Blocks ~ GRUPEN WALLPAPER

I'm so excited (and very nervous!) to tell you that Super Penguin QAL's September blocks are up on superbuzzy !! This month, we have a chef, a waitress and a cafe to go with popsicles (July block available here ) and dishy treats (August block available here )! I am so sorry I was SO late to get them ready! I had a week or two that I was completely stuck and anything I was trying to work out didn't seem to want to corporate with me. Ya, one of those moments we all go through every once a while. I am so happy with the results though! These blocks may look a bit complicated, but I promise they aren't as bad as they look! They are all free of any difficult techniques. As long as you know how to paper-piece a simple block like a log cabin, you are ready to sew these up ;) This chef may not have the coolest hair style in the world, but could he have your forgiveness? Looking good is not his priority. His focus is all about making sure all sweets coming out of his kitchen

Ice cream to keep your hand cool! GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Thank you so much for your  fabric shelf block  love!! Each and every one of  your comment made my heart sing! Apparently I am not alone loving seeing  fabrics on the shelf! Today I want to show you this potholder I whipped up for my friend's birthday. The ice cream dish pattern is one of the Dishy Treats (August pattern for the  Super Penguin QAL available here ). My friend liked the patterns when I showed them,  so I thought she may not mind receiving a potholder with one of the patterns  showcased on ;) This potholder came out together very quickly!  I basically paper-pieced the ice cream block first (no changes to the size was made),  and quilted it with warm and natural cotton batting and quilting weight cotton backing. Then I wrapped the bottom edge with a single fold bias tape (1/4" width finished).  For the backside of the potholder, I quilted insulated batting with cotton fabric on  both sides which was trimmed to measure 6 1/8" x 7 3/4". After basting the

SP QAL August Block! Dishy Treat! GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Dishy treat, anyone? How about some soft serve ice cream with your favorite syrup?  Or maybe chocolate cake or three scoops of ice cream?  Well, if none of these sounds appetizing, I've got a bunny for you too! I am so excited to tell you that these patterns are now available through superbuzzy !! This pattern includes four different dishy treats shown above!  I had so much fun paper-piecing them and I hope you'll have tons of fun with them too! It has been so wonderful to see everyone's popsicles popping up in this flickr pool ! (I'd love it if you joined us to share your popsicles and dishy treat blocks there!!) Here is how my SP QAL blocks look together! Quite sweet and fun ;) Thank you for letting me share my new patterns with you! I am very nervous as usual, but hopefully some of you will have fun with these patterns!!! Hope you are having a great week so far!! Mine has been crazy busy but fantastic!

Popsicles Pattern at superbuzzy!! GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Hello everyone! Remember me? It's Ayumi of Pink Penguin here! How have you been? If you are in the US, did you get to do something to celebrate the Fourth of July? (I miss the sound of people screaming for joy and the fireworks from everywhere!) It's been so Hot and Humid here in Japan. What's keeping me alive and not melting away is my daily intake of popsicles. I looove them so much, and Joe hates how much I eat them in the day. However much Joe says it is excessive, I have a special place for popsicles in my heart and stomach. I am not going to resist therm if I know they are waiting for me in the freezer, hehe! I'm so excited to announce my very first paper-pieced pattern debut today! Popsicles!! You may have seen this popsicles block above that I made for Anna for the Ringo Pie bee about a year and a half ago. I really enjoyed making the block and have always wanted to have this pattern available for friends! This pattern I wrote up is basically a simplified vers