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Fabric Haul in Japan #2 GRUPEN WALLPAPER

I know it's been a while since I came back from Japan, but there are still lots of fabric from there that I hadn't had a chance to share with you here. My sewing machine had a serious issue with its upper thread tension which I couldn't find a solution for anywhere, so it is on the mend now. It's weird not to have a sewing machine at home. Some part of me is relieved that I can cross out sewing-related stuff in my to-do-list temporarily, but some part of me is missing sewing so much. I guess it's more of the latter case. Wednesday tends to be the day of the week when my productivity goes up, but not today. Without my buddy (sewing machine), I am so useless. lol. So I decided to take this time to take pictures of some Japanese fabric to blog about and to list some fabric in my etsy shop . This gave me an opportunity to remind myself of some really cute fabric stash I have but I had forgotten about, which made me go Woohoo! I think I am totally addicted. No wonder my

Fabric Hauling in Japan #1 GRUPEN WALLPAPER

So I've come to realize that it would not be as realistic as I expected to have a blogpost where I have pictures of all fabrics and all zakka items, given everything that needs to be in have been listed. For a few reasons. For one, I am sort of lost in the amount of fabric I brought from Japan. For two, I am not the most organized person. And for three, I am simply ready to sew up something tonight for someone's birthday coming up soon. For these selfish reasons, I decided to share with you pictures of Japanese fabric & zakka over the span of several blogposts. I will be adding some fabrics to my etsy shop from time to time too in case you are looking for some Japanese fabric to join your stashes. The very first picture in this post is some cotton print fabrics designed by Kumiko Fujita . A fabric chain store called Yuzawaya had a quite big selection of her fabrics that aren't very easy to find in other fabric stores, so I went a bit crazy. And these umbrella fabrics -

Recap of Japan Trip GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Thank you for all of you who left comments in my posts/sent me emails while I was in Japan/snatched some fabrics from my etsy shop early in January. I'm so sorry I have been gone for such a long time. I love blog land - I really enjoy writing and reading blogs and communicating with my online friends through emails and flickr, but while I was in Japan, I made it a point to spend as much time as possible with my family and friends who I don't get to see very often, which meant for me to spend little time on computer. The Japan trip that lasted for a little over a whole month ended a few days ago, and both Joe and I are trying to catch up with stuff here and there, and to get over jet lag. Just like any other times I come back from Japan, I am feeling homesick. My life in the US is great, but I can't help but keep thinking about how nice it would be if I could move back to Japan with Joe where I have my family and friends close by. I know that's such a selfish idea. I sho