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Some of the Christmas Gifts GRUPEN WALLPAPER

I'm really happy that some of my Christmas gifts that I've sent have been received, opened and loved! I made a few of these patchwork totes. There is nothing like square patches that I truly love. And I still adore Ginseng collection by Joel Dewberry as much as I did when it just came out. I seem to have my glitter penguin's approval too! On the other side of the tote, I appliqued my friend's (recipient's) name. Vy - Isn't it such a pretty name? These are some felt cakes I made for Joe's niece Sarah. It took me a while to make a pattern that I felt comfortable with, but it was worth it. I ended up wanting to make some for myself too! Some Christmasy placemats. I was hoping that the recipients will open this gift before Christmas so that they can use these mats this year, so it was really nice to know that they opened the gifts as soon as they received these mats. I used a pattern in Kumiko Fujita's patchwork pattern 318 to make this for my mother-in-la

Some Quick Projects GRUPEN WALLPAPER

I bet many of you are completely swamped with tons of things to do before Christmas now. I am too. I am done with writing up a list of people I want to make something for Christmas. Wow that is a long list. Knowing I haven't even started making a single thing, I am a bit overwhelmed. And here I am posting something in my blog - a form of procrastination that I am very good at! The potholder above is an early Christmas gift I sent to my friend Fei in England. I told you I have been just in this "food mode." Fei has a boy who is about the same age as this boy in the center of the potholder, so I couldn't think of better fabric choice to make something for her. In case you are wondering about the fabric, it is from a Berlin Kollektion Anne and Hanse by Yuwa . Ever since I learned about this fabric coming out in Quilt Japan magazine, I had been waiting to get some myself very impatiently. I snatched it on the day it became available! I love the collection. And this straw


I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving (if you are in the US) and a nice and relaxing weekend afterwards. I didn't do anything special for Thanksgiving but I had a quite bit of fun with Black Friday deals at some local and online shops. I love bargains. I can't resist anything like 20% off everything PLUS free shipping kinda thing. I bought lots of necessities at Joann like batting, threads, and interfacing, and snatched lots of ecospun felt from . Speaking of felt, I have been really crazy about making things with felt these days. Making felt food was one of the million things I've wanted to try out for a while. After sewing the popsicle block , I was feeling like making more yummy stuff, and I found myself spending hours browsing felt food online. Oh my goodness felt has such possibilities ! The food in the picture is some typical stuff for Japanese bento box: rice balls with seaweed around them, fried shrimp, meat loaf, and lettuce. I made all these using th