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Printable holiday messages GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Thank you so much to those of you who have purchased the Dresden Photo Frame pattern from my shop . I really hope you will find it as fun and addictive as I feel about this little project. Even if you are a beginner of hand-applique, I still recommend giving it a try. I am quite far from calling hand applique my comfortable method, but this one is easy for me. It's much easier than English paper piecing hexagons in my opinion. I have a lot of photos to walk you through the steps in the instruction. A couple of friends told me they are making these frames for Christmas gifts. When I gift these frames, I always want to have something already framed. It helps recipients to know that it is a picture frame and she can either keep what's in it or replace it with a picture of her choice.  Yesterday, I made some printable simple holiday messages. Each one measures a 3.25" perfect square to fit your Dresden photo frames . They are all very simple to let your pretty dresden shine.

Dresden Photo Frame Pattern GRUPEN WALLPAPER

So I finally finished up my pattern for Dresden photo frame . Yes, it took me only 5 years. That's it! lol. For those of you who have kindly reached out to me and asked if I would make this into a pattern back then, thank you SO very much and I am very sorry it took me all these years. The pattern will be always available for you in my shop now.   This is probably one of my favorite things I made for the Japanese magazine (Patchwork Tsushin, that has unfortunately ended its publication.) I recall having a lot of fun choosing my very favorite picture of my daughter from the birth to 1 month period, 1 month to 2 month period, and so on. I still hang up these pictures on the wall and I get good comments on them often from guests. It sure is a cheerful way of framing some precious pictures. Depending on the type of fabric you use, this can be pretty versatile pattern. It can be a personalized Christmas ornaments for example. :) Because I wanted to make sure that even a beginner can t

Tissue boxes to shine! GRUPEN WALLPAPER

I got to gift these to my friends yesterday so I can finally post. Yay! The 'Shine' pattern is from Sew Ichigo shop , owned by uber talented Kerry and Penny , where you can find the cutest paper-piecing patterns possible! The actual pattern is 6" square finished, but I had to distort just a tiny bit to get it to the right size for one side of a Kleenex tissue box.  I love this pattern so much. It had been such a long time since I got to work on very intricate paper-piecing patterns and forgot the joy of working with teeny tiny pieces and seeing how they can SHINE :) How I made it is basically the same way I made this tutorial (Goodness it is over 10 years old! LOL!), but I made the hole on the top a round shape, and also used two thin (like 1/4") elastics to two opposite sides rather than having one thick elastic in the middle.(Well, I made it that way first and it turned out it doesn't work for this smaller Kleenex box) So there were a lot of trial and error as