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The Stash-Busting blog hop GRUPEN WALLPAPER

I am excited to be back here to host a stop for Stash Busting blog hop for Kim Kruzich's new sweet book titled Retro Mama Scrap Happy Sewing ! I've always admired her cute works over her blog for ages, so it was really exciting to know that she wrote a book!! Before seeing anything, I knew I'd have to get it because I knew it would be awesome. And of course I was right!! This book has 18 super cute projects that you can create from scrappy fabrics! Every one of them is just so cute and adorable and you will find a perfect gift for anyone from young children who would enjoy stuffed toys to your friends who love pouches! I made this Take it East Cross-Body Bag from the book. I am so happy that I made it for myself! I rarely ever make anything for myself. Even when I think I am making something for myself, I end up giving it away if the result is good. This bag is an exception. It turned out nice because of Kim's easy and thorough instruction but I don't have the gut

Winner of Make it Take it GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Congratulations go to Tamie! I will contact you shortly! I will be back tomorrow morning! Hope you are having a nice week so far!


二日連続ずっと雨でずっと引きこもってしまったぁ。明日外に出してあげるのが楽しみだな。歩乃歌は毎日新しい言葉を発してるから面白い。最近は、「すごいね~!」と「待ってよ~!」をいっぱい言ってるよ。 Two rainy days in a row meant we never got a chance to leave the apartment for two days. I can't wait to take her outside tomorrow. Honoka has so many new words she can say now everyday. Lately she likes to say "Sugoi ne" (Impressive, isn't it) about everything especially when she can accomplish something. She also says "Matte yo!" (Wait for me!) very often.

Make it Take it Blog Tour GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Welcome to this stop for Make it Take it blog tour! Krista Hennebury , the author of this beautiful book, Make it Take it , has been a very lovely friend of mine for years. I couldn't be happier when she shared with me the news she was writing this book. She is a very talented quilter/sewist but to me, what makes her very special is her friendship. She has always been willing to help friends in need, teach them, and support however way she can, (not to mention this amazing alphabet quilt she has put together with friends for my baby!) This book's theme is around 'sewing together' which I think is appropriate and perfect for her first book. She has years of experience in attending retreats, sewing with friends, and teaching. Unfortunately I have never had a chance to sew with her just because we live way too far away from each other, but her MQG has always been the guild I want to attend the most partly because there are many other members in it that I've known for

The winner of The Paper-Pieced Home is... GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Thank you to eveyone for your sweet comments on my previous post! The winner of a copy of The Paper-Pieced Home by Penny Layman is... Marco!! Congratulations! Could you do me a favor to email me your mailing address for your copy to be sent to? Thank you!! Hope you are having a lovely weekend wherever you are! Let me leave you with some pictures from last week where cherry blossom trees were amazing here in Tokyo, Japan!