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Menampilkan postingan dari Januari, 2015

Introducing "Lighthearted"...finally! GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Image courtesy of Kokka Fabric Warning: This is a ridiculously lengthy post, so I suggest you just skim through the photos! Thinking lightheartedly has always been a challenge throughout my life. I worry about everything like crazy. Whenever I take on a new endeavor, I can't help myself thinking about the worst possible case scenario and get cold feet eventually. This new journey was no exception... the journey to design fabric! Image courtesy of Kokka Fabric This line is called "Lighthearted"" by Kokka, a Japanese fabric manufacturer. When this amazing opportunity to design fabric came to me in fall 2013, I was so excited. I have always loved fabric, especially retro inspired, quirky, small prints - all sorts of fabrics I used for my projects in my book, Patchwork Please !. I thought this would give me a perfect opportunity to bring some fabric I-wish-existed to the real world! Image courtesy of Kokka Fabric I was really enjoying designing it in the beginning but sp