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Dresses designed for Patchwork Tsushin No.182 GRUPEN WALLPAPER

It's been a while since I last blogged, so it helps me if I let pictures explain themselves :) The dress pattern is for size 12-18 months. Thanks for all of you who bought this magazine from me through Instagram or my etsy shop . (It is sold out.) You may be able to find this current Patchwork Tsushin magazine at superbuzzy  here ! Speaking of my etsy shop, I've got this lovely fabric in stock if text fabrics never gets old for you :) I love these so much I had to get them in all colorways! Use a coupon SEPTEMBER to receive a 10% off on all items in my shop through the 15th Monday next week :) Thank you so much for taking your time to swing by! I miss you all. I hope to be back blogging more regularly soon!