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Thank you for everyone who entered the giveaway of the book, Quilting with a Modern Slant. The random number generator's choice was 14.  That means the winner is Jenny! Congrats, Jenny! I will contact you shortly!

Reviewing Quilting with a Modern Slant GRUPEN WALLPAPER

[Photo credit: Storey Publishing] Welcome to the last stop of the blog tour for this new book, Quilting with a Modern Slant by Rachel May put out by Storey Publishing. I am excited to share with you about this very inspiring book today. [Photo credit: Storey Publishing, Quilt credit:  Alexis Deise ] It is a comprehensive encyclopedia about everything you want to know about making all sorts of quilts, finding inspiration, learning techniques, the modern quilt movement. Whether you are a confident quilter or a completely newbie to quilting, I am sure you can learn a lot from and feel very inspired by this book.  This book is great in that it encourages you to take freedom and follow your heart to discover your own style. I truly think that real fun of sewing/quilting comes from discovering what pleases you and what makes you most comfortable and follow your heart to work on projects. [Photo credit: Storey Publishing, Quilt credit:  Katie Pedersen ] There are more than 70 quilters intro


I am sure you've all heard of this great book, Zakka Handmades by now. The author of this book, Amy Morinaka of Chick Chick Sewing , has been a very good blog friend of mine for years. I was absolutely thrilled to hear that she was putting together a book! Knowing how lovely her projects are, I knew her book would be full of cute, lovely, and useful zakka projects, and I was so right :) You can pretty much tell that from the cover of the book. Cute overload! There are many great projects for home in this book that I would love to make, but my favorite projects are these irresistibly cute baby projects! This book came out right around the time my baby girl was born, so it was waiting for me when I came back to my apartment in Tokyo with her for the first time. What a thrill it was to see all the cute projects. Now that my girl is old enough to play with toys, I want to make this soft ring toy for her especially the bunny version! Amy, thanks for writing such a lovely book. It is ju


This book, 500 quilt blocks by Lynne Goldsworthy & Kerry Green , is one book I had been very much looking forward to getting my hands on since the moment I knew about it! I love love love it for so many reasons! It is written by my very dear lovely friends who have been my biggest inspiration!  There are so many blocks in it. Literally 500 blocks! How could you not find blocks you want to make? There are blocks for everyone. There are simple ones for beginners and advanced ones for confident quilter.  Most blocks are traditional blocks, so the construction is very easy to understand. All the blocks are made with modern, beautiful fabrics, so you can see how modern prints look with traditional blocks, which is just what I need to see often! There aren't just 500 blocks in it. There are many projects that you can make with the blocks in it!  The book is little, handy, and so cute! When I need some inspiration, I flip through the book and always feel itching to get started on ma

Patchwork Tsushin No.178 GRUPEN WALLPAPER

I've done it again! I have never intended to neglect this blog, but it has been too long  since I last came here and said hello! Thank you to all of you patient readers for putting up  with this bad blogger! I have lots and lots of things I want to talk about,  so I will have to get caught up in the span of a few blogposts. For today,  let me talk a bit about Patchwork Tsushin No.178.  This is the first issue of my one-year-long baby diary series. Along with my short diary about Honoka, I have baby related projects and a paper-pieced block or two for every issue which will be all put together to make a baby quilt in the end.  It is still unbelievable to me my projects are in this amazing magazine.  I feel so inadequate, but am enjoying this so much because I bet Honoka will have fun seeing the series after she grows up! I took this picture right after I finished this bib, and... this is how she looks now.  Yes, she is growing so fast!! I thought she was born just yesterday,  but so