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Menampilkan postingan dari Mei, 2013

Filled with Quilt Love :) GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Look what we've got in the mail just a few days ago! It is an alphabet quilt for a tiny pink penguin growing in my belly made by a collaborative work of my lovely friends all over the world. You probably heard me squealing when I opened the package, didn't you? It was such a lovely, touching, unexpected surprise!! I feel that I have done nothing but enjoyed feeling so much love from it ever since it arrived here. I had absolutely no clue that friends have been working on anything like this for months and months. Krista of poppyprint was so sweet to start a flickr group to make this happen since I implied that I was expecting a baby (about 6 months ago now.) I found out all about how the planning went and how much thought and effort everyone put into it now. This has been really, really touching. Seriously, this would not have happened without Krista's amazing skill to organize the group, everyone's willingness to share ideas and to provide time and effort for it. All o