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Menampilkan postingan dari Maret, 2013

Little Dress and Apron GRUPEN WALLPAPER

I just finished a set of a dress and an apron for my baby. I still don't know if I am having a girl or not, but it's very likely, so I figured it's the time I made something girly for the baby! The pattern is in this Japanese book . (It is all in Japanese, but just like many Japanese sewing books it comes with lots of great diagrams, so if you have some garment sewing experience, you can probably tackle projects in it!) I must say I am completely in love with this outcome! Even the back side is adorable with the ribbons! I keep picturing a small girl in this dress chasing Joe at the park in a sunny day. And me sitting on the chair laughing and taking pictures of them. The imagination kills me. She will probably want to put something very cute like this in this pocket and run around. Sigh.. I can hardly wait. (Thank you Kylie for making this adorable pink penguin ornament!!) I will be back with some patchwork project next time!!