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Baby Clothes Madness GRUPEN WALLPAPER

If you skim through this post just to see the pictures, you'll probably guess that I've found that I am expecting a boy! The truth is, I still haven't found out the gender. At my 21st week checkup, the doctor was still unable to tell. He mentioned it looks like a girl though. So we now stick with "she/her" when we talk about Mikan (temporary nickname for our baby.), but there is still a chance Mikan is actually a boy. I am DYING to know, but I respect the nature of not knowing if that's what the future holds for us. I have been so into making this set lately. (The pattern is in this Japanese book - love this book!) I have two real life friends who are preggers now, one in my hometown and one in Tokyo. They are both expecting a boy. This set above was made for a friend in my hometown I've known since high school. The baby is due early June. It was absolutely fun to make it for her. You will need only a half yard of two prints (plus some scraps to make bind

Patchwork Please Book Preview and Zakka-Along 2.0 GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Thank you for your lots of love, encouragement, and pregnancy advice! I feel so much more relaxed about weight gain now. I'm on my 6th month and have gained 18 pounds total. Now I have some shooting back pain to deal with several times a day, but I am discovering some solutions to relief (stretch, hot bath etc), so I am good. I don't feel nausea anymore and my sewing mojo has returned!! I am very much enjoying my second trimester (except for the back pain.) I still haven't figured out the sex of the baby, but hopefully I will this Saturday when I have my next visit to the doctor. It's been so amazing to feel the baby move for both of us. We are so attached to the baby already! It's the time I gave you some previews of my book, Patchwork Please :) I got my very first copy of my book last week in the mail. That was the moment I finally felt it was all real! The entire time I was working on my book, I was so nervous about my projects being good enough. I'd always