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Thank you all for your such kind comments and emails about my little news :) I want to show you our baby's very first handmade gift! The lovely Leila whipped it up for him/her! How cute is it??? I can't begin to tell how much of a joy it is to look at this and imagine putting it on the baby! Thank you so very much Leila!! Everything is progressing fine so far, and I am on my 15th week now. I am due July 6th, so I have 171 days to go until our little one pops out to join this family. Both Joe and I are so excited about our first baby. We talk about him/her everyday; in fact, we had started talking about our baby several years before this one began growing in my belly! We hope to figure out the sex of the baby soon. I have no preference on this whatsoever. If Mikan (a temporary nickname for the baby) is a girl, I will have a lot of fun sewing cute things for her with lovely fabrics. If Mikan is a boy, then I guess I will know what my friends mean by "it's like having a