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Happy Thanksgiving! GRUPEN WALLPAPER

I am so sorry for a long absence without giving you a heads-up! I have not been doing very well physically for the past couple of weeks. But, that is for the most fabulous cause that I had hoped for months, so I don't complain! (*hint*) I don't know if it is part of the symptom or what, but my crafty bug is basically nonexistent at this moment to the point I am even surprised how little interest I have in anything crafty. My sewing time has been replaced by my couch potato time - sleeping, and watching the TV, movies, and occasionally playing Nintendo DS.. lol! I so wish I could be more productive but I take it it's the time for me to take a break from sewing and my crafting mojo will come back naturally as I get done with this phase. My lovely sister-in-law Katie shared this photo with us just now. I am so grateful of my great family overseas from the bottom of my heart!! Due to my not-so-good physical condition, I have decided to ask for a break for November for Super Pe