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Texting while Sewing Conest GRUPEN WALLPAPER

"Texting while sewing" is definitely something I love to do; in fact, I rarely ever sew anything without texting! Typography fabric has become really popular among quilters in the past few years, and I am loving the fact that the availability of the fabrics with text designs just keeps getting better and better! Amy of During Quiet Time came up with this fun contest where she invites you to enter a 12" block made using some text prints creatively. You can enter it by blogging about your block and the contest and linking up via a Linky post on Amy's blog which will be up August 27, 28 and 29, 2012! A great thing about this contest is freedom! You can use whatever method you are comfortable with; normal piecing, paper-piecing, English-piecing, applique, and whatever! You can go ahead and create your own text fabric (printing on fabric? stamping?) if there aren't perfect text fabrics. Also, you can enter more than one block if you wish! (Separate blogposts will be

Call me a Lucky Duck! GRUPEN WALLPAPER

I admit I have been such a lucky duck lately! I have received lots of lots of lovely gifts from both my lovely real life friends and sweet blog friends am feeling like I already had a Christmas! Most of the gifts were for my birthday (thank you girls!), and others are something that had arrived way before and I had been meaning to share with you! I'll be focusing on only handmade gifts and vintage gifts just because I know that's what many of you are most interested in ;) Those caramels above were made by the lovely Sam ! I literally had no idea how HUGE of a difference there is between store-bought caramels and handmade caramels until I had her caramels! They melt so nicely in the mouth and taste just delicious. Both Joe and I became such a big fan of her dessert instantly! In case you are curious, the cups and the saucers are from Afternoon Tea shop , one of my favorite shops in Japan! I have a record of never leaving a store without snatching up something, which I don't


Congratulations goes to gccmom whose comment was the 28th!! Congrats, gccmom! I will contact you shortly ;)

Christmas in July: Mini Fabric Tape Tutorial GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Welcome to the third stop on the Christmas in July blog hop! Thank you Elizabeth for hosting this fabulous blog hop and for inviting me to take a part! If you are anything like me, you'd wait til the last minute to get working on Christmas gifts and realize a few days before Christmas that you totally underestimated the time it takes to finish up gifts. Then you end up rushing into stores to pick up store-bought presents for your loved ones. You are apologetic that you are giving the store bought stuff rather than handmade gifts that you had dreamed about making for them. Your new year's resolution would include "Start making Christmas gifts WAY earlier!!" Can you relate? Then maybe it's time for us to start doing something perhaps!! Today I would like to share with you a very simple fabric tape tutorial. I like making these because it is a great way to use up my fabric scraps, and I enjoy using the tape for packages I put together. If you live in the country th

Popsicles Pattern at superbuzzy!! GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Hello everyone! Remember me? It's Ayumi of Pink Penguin here! How have you been? If you are in the US, did you get to do something to celebrate the Fourth of July? (I miss the sound of people screaming for joy and the fireworks from everywhere!) It's been so Hot and Humid here in Japan. What's keeping me alive and not melting away is my daily intake of popsicles. I looove them so much, and Joe hates how much I eat them in the day. However much Joe says it is excessive, I have a special place for popsicles in my heart and stomach. I am not going to resist therm if I know they are waiting for me in the freezer, hehe! I'm so excited to announce my very first paper-pieced pattern debut today! Popsicles!! You may have seen this popsicles block above that I made for Anna for the Ringo Pie bee about a year and a half ago. I really enjoyed making the block and have always wanted to have this pattern available for friends! This pattern I wrote up is basically a simplified vers