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Logcabin Pincushion GRUPEN WALLPAPER

My addiction to making log cabin pincushions is back, and it's a bad one again! I've shown so many, maybe too many pincushions on  this blog in the past,  but w hen I get bitten by this pincushion bee, my self-control is totally gone  and the only thing I can think of is to make and make and make more  pincushions. And the fact I took a part of the zakka style sew along and  made a pincushion for it didn't help ;) If you are already sick of seeing my log cabin pincushions, feel free to turn around and say adios now! If you have a bit of time to spare and don't mind seeing some of the pincushions I made, thank you and here we go! I love this one partly because this is the first pincushion I've ever made that I used my carved stamp for!  The "Sewing!" stamped on the linen piece is one of the stamps I carved this week. Remember I told you I've been addicted to that too? I also like this one because I think the girl looks like she is looking at cherry blo

Zakka Style Sew-Along Week 3 - Zakka Pincushion GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Welcome to week 3 of the Zakka Style sew-along! Thank you again Lindsey and Amy  for hosting this sew-along and letting me participate in the fun! It's been so fun to see everyone's projects from the book  popping up in the blogsphere lately! Today, I'd like to share with you  my pincushion I made from the book as well as (hopefully) helpful tips ;) Probably this is the easiest project in the book, and I certainly love everything about it! It's very simple but gives you a lot  of room to be creative and make yours very unique!  I closely followed the instruction except for the button on front. Instead of using a fabric covered button for it, I used a cute lamb button I found in my stash, just because I thought the lamb may  feel better to be on there rather than sitting in the zip lock for another few years. lol! I happened to have a sewing-themed stamp of the perfect size, so I used it, but I must admit I had a bit difficulty stamping on the cotton tape. My initial pla


If you've been around on my blog (thank you for that ;) ), you may already know I am a huge fan of Penny and Kerry , because I talk about them a lot. Well it's because these ladies just simply rock! They have become such great, sweet friends of mine in the past few years, and I have always been inspired by their impeccable works! Their new adventure, sew-ichigo kicked off recently, and they just made their first set of paper-piecing patterns,  "Kitchen Classics" available for sale! You've got to take a look at them! They are just soooooo adorable! Ever since they told me about these patterns, I had been secretly hoping they'd ask me to test their patterns because I knew they would be wonderful just like everything they create, and I have a weak spot for any kitchen related stuff! You can imagine how excited I was to test this KitchenAid pattern Penny came up with! When I first saw her KitchenAid block for Ringo Pie bee, my jaw dropped to the floor! I don