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Menampilkan postingan dari Februari, 2012

Afternoon Tea Blocks GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Yay it's March! I couldn't wait for March to come because  I'll be playing catch-ups with a bunch of things this month. I'm most definitely going to catch up with my two bees I fell behind terribly and I'm planning on some serious make-over for my craft room and  for my blog design. (I can't wait to show you my room filled with lovely lovely  handmade gifts from friends!) Hanging out with friends and Joe and a lot of gifts-making are happening too, not to mention I'll get to experience the spring in Japan first time in 9 years. Woohoo!  I made two blocks for Kerry for her Afternoon Tea theme for Patchwork 318 bee . I'm pretty happy with how this kettle turned out except for.. this unacceptably small seam allowance! This happens to me quite often.  As the block I am working on is about to finish, I start slacking off and just eye-ball to  make sure if pieces are large enough and I don't realize the lack of seam allowance until the very end. (Am I the

Tutorial: Scrappy Hour Glass Blocks GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Hello everyone! Here is a virtual big hug for all of you lovely folks for coming back  here after my longest blog break ever. I apologize for having being away for this long  without giving you a heads-up (again!). I have been tied up with some project  for the past few months, which is coming to an end now, so I will be back to  my normal crafting and blogging schedule very very soon! I can hardly wait!  You have no idea how much stuff I have on my to-blog-about list now.  I have so many things I want to talk about and share you with, but for today, I have a super simple scrappy hour glass block tutorial for you. Do you remember this quilt top? I started working on this about a year  and a half years ago with no plan ahead. I just had so much fun playing with my precious  scrappy fabrics and hoped they would inspire me to make something with them.   I remember this project being very pleasing partly because it didn't turn out  to be too busy (at least I think so, hehe!) I love sc