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Are you guys in some Christmas mode by any chance? Well I am because my small craft space's got Christmas fabrics everywhere now that I just finished two Christmas blocks! They are for Amber in the Ringo Pie bee. Her theme is all things Christmasy, so I pulled out all my Christmas-related printed fabrics and had so much fun sewing with them while singing some Christmas songs ;) The block above features 6 Christmas gift tags - two for parents (Amber and her hubby) and four for her four beautiful children. She has two girls and two boys, so I tried to have two tags boy-friendly and the other two girl-friendly. It was so much fun sewing this for Amber. I love reading Amber's blog partly because she has such a lovely, lovely family. If you have not read her love story with her husband, you are missing out! Reading her posts about her husband is such a great reminder to myself that I need to treat Joe nicely. Joe loves it when I read a blog like hers and I am all of a sudden super

Echino Bag and Baby Booties GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Thank you a million for your lovely comments on the birds + a teeny quilt block!! You know it makes your day when something you thought didn't turn out great gets so much compliments. I love it when that happens :) I would like to share some projects I sewed up for my friend today. My friend is expecting a baby boy, and she has asked me to make a diaper bag and booties for him a while back. She wanted this bag to have strong and long handles and a zipper closure on top. I picked up Echino fabric from my local fabric store because the quality of this linen blend fabric is absolutely perfect for bag projects. There was a day where Tokyo was hit by a crazy typhoon last week, so that gave me a great reason to stay home and cross off one thing from my never-ending make-to list. I came up with this bag pattern as I went. I would make the outer bag, watch Kitchen Nightmare with Joe, come back to made a lining, cook dinner, and come back to sew up handles, etc. I didn't really make not

Birds + A Quilt Block GRUPEN WALLPAPER

August was Corey' s month in the Ringo Pie patchwork bee , and her theme was "Quilts on a line." I must admit that I struggled for a while. It is such a great theme, but I have never hung my quilt on a line once before, so it was a bit hard for me to be inspired by the theme. Totally my bad! So instead of hanging quilts from a line tied to trees, I decided to let birdies hold a quilt. Corey makes such lovely things with bird appliques/embroidery, so I figured she wouldn't mind welcoming a few more birds to her house ;) (have you seen this pillow she made? Unbelievably adorable!) Making these houses was the funnest part!! Each block is paper-pieced and is so teeny tiny (a 1 5/8" square). It was so much fun going through my stash to look for fabrics with teeny prints, and of course I squealed when I found the cute penguin of the perfect size! So these houses are supposed to be birdhouses. Those birdies are getting sick of their worn-out birdhouses, so they are pre

Sampler Display Canvas GRUPEN WALLPAPER

I had such a great pleasure playing with this Sampler Display Canvas by Basic Grey . When the Fat Quarterly team had kindly asked me if I would be able to take part in this challenge, of course I said YES! immediately. There was no way could I pass on such a fun opportunity! Do you remember how boring my new apartment looked like when we just moved in? Well, we have bought some furniture and stuff since then but this place is still far from what I envision to be a pretty place. I still need lots of cute things here. You can read about how I went about fusing fabric scraps onto this canvas over Fat Quarterly's blog , so let me focus on fabric talk here. I had SO much fun putting these fabrics together partly because I associate many of these fabric scraps with nice memories. Some of these fabrics were given to me either in swaps or surprise gifts by my friends I have made through blogging and emailing. I could have a long list of each fabric used in this project, who and about when