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Frappuccino in three flavors GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Thank you so much for all of you who have decided to submit a block for the Tokyo Quilt Festival to be held in January next year. Also, thank you for those of you who helped me spread the word about it. It looks like I will be looking for over 50 blocks at the festival so far! How Fun!!! If you are still debating whether you should do it or not, I hope you'll decide to join! We've got over 2 months to make just one block if that sounds more doable :) I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! This is a block for the Ringo Pie Bee I just finished today. Marit wanted her blocks to have a summer theme. "Lemonade" was the first thing that came across my mind and then later a "Lobster", but when I saw a super enticing ad of frappuccino at Starbucks the other day, I immediately knew that I was going to make a frappuccino block instead. (Sure, I love food too much!) I asked Marit what her favorite flavor is among 1) coffee, 2) strawberry, and 3) green t

Partnership Quilts for 2012 Tokyo Quilt Festival GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Some of you may recall that earlier this year I blogged about the Tokyo Quilt Festival I attended this year. I blogged about it here and here . It was amazing to be able to go there and to share with you my experience there. Well, I am definitely going back there in January next year. Since I will be living MUCH closer to the Tokyo Dome, where the festival takes place every year, I might, in fact, I WILL probably be able to visit there a few times next year so that I won't miss anything, hopefully, hehe. Each year the Tokyo Quilt Festival exhibits lots of Partnership Quilts , which are made by quilt blocks submitted by everyone. A theme for partnership quilts is set by a popular Japanese quilter/textile designer annually, and she will put all blocks submitted into groups. Folks there will piece all blocks and make them into quilts accordingly. 2011's theme was "Flower" and there were 10,344 blocks submitted total from all over the world. Under supervision of Yoko Sai

The Farmer's Wife Quilt Along WIP GRUPEN WALLPAPER

I'm so glad Amanda and Angela started such a fun quilt-along . Basically if you want to join this QAL, buy this awesome book, ' The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt " that has 111 block patterns, and make two blocks a week on your pace. Even if you are not into traditional quilts making, I promise you'll find this book very inspirational. All 111 blocks are pretty simple with an exception of a few. Not bad. I am already loving this QAL partly because I enjoy making a different block at a time rater than making the same blocks repeatedly so that I am learning each time I make a block. So fun! I decided to make blocks in order, so here is my take on No.1 block pattern in the book. Considering how simple this block is, I struggled a quite bit. I thought I can calculate measurements in the head so I didn't care to use templates on the CD enclosed in the book, but after two attempts that resulted in failures, I gave up and printed out the templates and finally got it w

Blocks for me in the Ringo Pie bee GRUPEN WALLPAPER

This is one of the songs I will be listening while piecing together blocks everyone has made for my month in the Ringo Pie Bee. (Remember the theme was anything to do with delivering letters and packages?) In this bee, we are allowed to use our own stashes and come up with whatever blocks that fit monthly themes. It is quite challenging because we design original block patterns monthly (not required, but most of us like to do), and we all feel a quit bit of pressure since everyone in this bee is super talented. But I consider myself a super lucky girl to be in this bee. I love how accomplished I feel every time I finish my block, how inspired I am by everyone's awesome blocks, and how kind, encouraging, and friendly everyone is in this bee. And now that I have seen these blocks folks have made for me, which are all super amazing, I am loving this bee even more!! Ok, let me share with you those completed blocks by everyone so far. The Beatle's "Please, Mister Postman"