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Giveaway Winners! GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Thank you for all of you for coming to hang out on my blog and entering for my giveaways! As usual, I let a random number generator to pick winners' numbers. Congratulations to three of you - I will be contacting you very soon! By the way, I finally added this function into my Blogger html to number each comment using this tutorial . This helped me a lot spotting the numbers corresponding to winners almost instantly! Hope you have a lovely weekend! (a nicely long Memorial weekend if you are in the states!) I'll try to catch up with my sewing projects and hopefully some hiking and packing, and deciding a place to move in will be happening!


It's this time of the year again when Sew, Mama, Sew! kindly coordinates one day when sewing/quilting bloggers give away sewing-related items! It's a lot of fun and I am so happy that I am able to participate this time! I've got two sets of giveaway prizes, so I'll have two winners . Hooray! My first prize is a bundle of quirky Japanese fabrics. A fat quarter of this retro sewing print. I found this fabric three years ago when I visited a teeny tiny fabric shop near my home in Japan. It would be really nice if you could use this for your sewing machine cover project or something. A fat quarter of this retro kitchen print designed by a Japanese textile designer Suzuko Koseki for Yuwa. It's out of print and is pretty hard to find if not almost impossible. I just love it so much. A fat quarter of this super cute sweets and international caricatures print. I think it is an original print from one of the fabric stores I stopped by, because I have never seen this print

Blog Tour: Stripped Down Patchwork (Book Giveaway!) GRUPEN WALLPAPER

I'm excited to host a stop for a blog tour for Stripped Down Patchwork by Erin Gilday of Patchwork Underground today (Day #7!). I got to know Erin through her great projects in Stitch magazine which are always so unique and vintagy. Have you seen her biker wrap skirt in there? So cute! What I found later is that she is not only super creative but also fun and friendly, which you know if you are a reader of her blog for sure :) I love the way she combines solids with other fabrics in such a clever way with a vintage twist, so I was really glad to see all her 12 practical projects in her book use solids somewhere. Also, all these projects feature Seminole patchwork technique. (Not sure what it is? She has explained it very well here over Craftzine.) You are not the only one if you thought these projects would take forever to make - I thought so too until I read in the book how you can save lots of time using the patchwork technique. For example, This very complicated looking pa

Log Cabin Pincushions Madness once again GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


I was really glad to be able to whip this up for my mom for Mother's Day gift this year. She has been a great mother for three of us, me and my young sisters and I thought I'd express my appreciation by making a wall hanging for her. I used this lil fox pattern I had purchased awhile back from the super talented Sonja of artisania . Have you seen her foxes in love mini quilt and Anne Marie 's take on the pattern here ? I couldn't wait any longer after seeing those cute foxes. Do you see that these three foxes are missing something? First of all, the tip of the tail of each lil one is not existing. This was completely an accident, but I'll tell my mom that it's because only a very cool mom can have a gorgeous tail that is not cracked. And these guys are missing snouts because I just didn't have buttons suitable for them, but I'll tell her that that's another thing only mom can have because she is more special and sophisticated than us. lol. And I do

Stitch Magazine Summer 2011 GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Thank you so much for your very kind and encouraging words about my envelops and mailbox block for Ringo Pie bee! It made my day, no, more like my week! Thank you girls! I've had many people asking for a paper-piecing tutorial, so I will come back sometime in a week or so with a simple printable pattern and an instruction on how to paper-piece it, so if you have never tried a paper-piecing technique and would like to learn one way of doing it, please remember to come back :) Today I would like to share with you 4 projects of mine that are featured in the current issue of Stitch Magazine . This might be one of my favorite projects I've ever made for Stitch. These slippers are made for the 'Opposites Attract' theme in the issue. The colors, one slipper being blue and green and the other being red and orange, were suggested by my lovely editor and I thought it was such a fun and unique idea! It was a lot of fun putting together cute and quirky fabrics. This is a cat mat t