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Envelops and Mailbox Block for Ringo Pie GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Remember I told you that May is my month in Ringo Pie bee ? Seriously, you have no idea how excited I am about receiving everyone's blocks - 11 members besides me; therefore, 11 envelops/packages to come. Ever since I picked my theme which is "Delivering letters and packages," I knew I was going to paper-piece 11 envelops. My initial plan was to embroider everyone's initial on each envelop, but I wasn't sure if I could pick the best envelop for everyone, so I decided not to. Or in other words, I just got tired of working on this. lol I used photoshop to design a simple envelop pattern, and then picked 11 different solids that seemed to work well together. Well, that may just have sounded an easy step, but choosing 11 solids was one of the hardest part of this project. Most of my craft projects are improvised; I barely ever go fabric-shopping with any particular projects in mind, but I couldn't be happy with my solids collection, so I had a few trips to fabric

Let Trader Joe's inspire you GRUPEN WALLPAPER

One of my local stores I will definitely miss is a grocery store called Trader Joe's . I bet many of you living in the states know about it, but it is a chain store located throughout America that produces such fun and unusual original products. I sure love their food, but I am not here to promote Trader Joe's products today. I am here to share with you the packaging of their products that inspire me. Their packages/labels are so cute that sometimes I have to buy some stuff for no other reason other than they are simply cute. I always walk out the store itching to get back to my sewing table. Is that weird? Have a lovely day!

Kitchen Goodies Swap: Sent and Received GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Thank you so much for all of you for lovely and sweet comments and emails about us moving to Japan! We still don't know exactly when we will be moving, but I started packing up just a little and am already overwhelmed. I've moved a lot in the past 10 years (Gunma -> Tokyo -> Seattle ->San Jose), but this is definitely going to be the most hectic moving ever because we have SO many things accumulated in last 8 years including my TWO sewing machines (I bought a new one recently which turned out to be much cheaper in Japan because the manufacturer (Janome) is Japanese.) And of course lots and lots of fabric, including a lot of them I just brought from my last trip to Japan. Sure, I am not the best decision maker ever. lol Anyways, I wanted to share with you what I've sent as a part of Kitchen Goodies Swap I'd joined as well as what I've received from my secret partner! This is one of the linen kitchen towels I made for my partner. The linen used is really coo

Something to celebrate... GRUPEN WALLPAPER

So there is something I had been itching to tell you about. I couldn't tell you this until now because it wasn't official. It is official now though, so I can finally take a deep breath and share with you our excitement. My husband and I are moving to Tokyo ! Very soon.. probably in a few months! Living in Japan has been Joe's lifetime goal and in the past several months he has been looking for the opportunity to transfer to Japan within the company he works for. And the chance finally arrived. He was just now informed that he is really moving there. So yes, as you can imagine, he could hardly hold in the excitement. He really had to do something and asked me if he could dump my fabric scraps on top of his head. I said he can. Probably many of you know that this may not be the most favorable time to be in Japan. The radiation threat, lack of food,drinkable water and medicine, limited electricity, and other aftermaths from the eathquake/tsunami, but to Joe "adventure is

Tentative Layout for my Dresden plate wallhanging GRUPEN WALLPAPER

My sewing machine is still sick, so until I get it all fixed, I won't be able to sew these pieces together, but this is to show you my progress on my dresden plate I am making by following Lynne of Lily's Quilts' QAL . When Lynne asked me to play along, I was really excited to put together lots of fun fabrics I love. This is just such a fun project! Very happy with this so far! I tend to keep very few handmade items of mine to myself, but this is definitely a 'keep'. I already love it so much that I know I won't be able to part with it! In the middle, I'll probably sew applique saying "6.12" which is our anniversary. A bit scared of sewing curvy lines and quilting, but hopefully it will come out nice enough for us to want to hang it on the wall :) Thanks for visiting!