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Here is the fourth block I made for Ringo Pie patchwork bee . This is the only bee I've ever participated in, but it has been very interesting. I didn't realize how fun a bee can be! Erica asked for a union jack block made with vintage fabric and solid fabric. I had great help from a union jack queen Lynne to make this. She is fabulous. This is the only block ever among the four that I never used a seam ripper! Woohoo! Mine is nearly as perfect as her union jacks , but I am satisfied with it, and I hope Erica likes it! This was the first block I made for the bee. It was for Kerry and the theme was collection/hoarding. And this is the dessert block for Anna , the second block I made for the bee. This is my favorite so far. The third one is this door block for Lisa , which I blogged about recently. Now I've been contemplating the next block, for Lucinda whose theme is Beginning of Spring. That sounds interesting too, doesn't it? My month is May, a couple months away,

Stitch Magazine Spring 2011 GRUPEN WALLPAPER

This is another thing I had been itching to share with you! I can't believe how long I waited to post this! Have you checked out the current issue of Stitch ? It's been about a month since this became available on the bookstands, so you might have heard about this a lot by now, but I still want to talk about it :) This issue is, once again, packed with lots of unique and fun projects that make me want to go sit at my sewing table and start playing with my fabrics right away. Did you know that, starting with this issue, Stitch became a 'quarterly' magazine from a 'biannual' magazine due to its growing popularity?! I'm really glad that Stitch has been making lots of progress to make this awesome magazine available to many readers. For example... 1) We can now sign up for Auto-ship program to receive this magazine at a discounted price. (Free shipping within the US, $5 international shipping.) 2) The mag became available for digital downloads here ! (Past issu


Before I have another super lengthy post about the Japan trip (next one is going to be about fabrics + etsy sales), maybe I can have a few short posts so that I am not stealing too much of your time? This is a block I made for Lisa for Ringo Pie bee . January was Lisa's month and her theme was "Door". When she told us about this theme, it was around Christmas season and my mind was totally set for a door with a window with a Christmas tree behind it. But you know it's been over a month since last Christmas. I even saw a dumpster with a big Christmas tree inside the other day. So how about a Christmas tree going goodbye... oh no.. that would be too sad. Let's keep the tree. Oh how about adding windows, packages at the door, and a mail box?! Wait, the theme is Door, I am not supposed to create a whole house. ok.. then.. No more packages and a mail box, but how about a little welcome "OPEN" board on the door? Hmmm.. the board might be more fun if it says &

Suzuko Koseki Project + Meeting Suzuko Koseki GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Thank you so much everyone for letting me know that you enjoyed the post on Tokyo Quilt Festival 2011. It means a lot to me that I can share the joy of discovering inspirational quilts with you, because I don't have very many friends in real life who are as crazy about this kind of stuff as I am. The love is a gazillion times better when it's shared! Like I mentioned before, this is going to be a ridiculously long post again, but this is the post I was the MOST excited about sharing.. it's about the Suzuko Koseki project that were completed by 19 Suzuko Koseki fans in 9 different countries! (I realized it was not 8 but 9 different countries - so sorry for everyone in the project that I kept saying it was 8.) Basically, each of us made a 4.5" x 4.5" coaster featuring one of letters in "We Love Suzuko Koseki!" All the coasters were mailed to my home in Japan were put together by me and were gifted to Suzuko Koseki in person at the Tokyo Quilt Festival. I t