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I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving (if you are in the US) and a nice and relaxing weekend afterwards. I didn't do anything special for Thanksgiving but I had a quite bit of fun with Black Friday deals at some local and online shops. I love bargains. I can't resist anything like 20% off everything PLUS free shipping kinda thing. I bought lots of necessities at Joann like batting, threads, and interfacing, and snatched lots of ecospun felt from . Speaking of felt, I have been really crazy about making things with felt these days. Making felt food was one of the million things I've wanted to try out for a while. After sewing the popsicle block , I was feeling like making more yummy stuff, and I found myself spending hours browsing felt food online. Oh my goodness felt has such possibilities ! The food in the picture is some typical stuff for Japanese bento box: rice balls with seaweed around them, fried shrimp, meat loaf, and lettuce. I made all these using th


I had a lot of fun making this block for Anna as a part of Ringo Pie quilting bee . November is Anna's month, and she picked Dessert for her theme. Awesome, was the only thing I could say. I LOVE anything sweet and have wanted to make something sweet and delicious with my fabrics. I had tons of ideas for dessert, but when I saw a package of popsicles at Costco the other day, (that looked just so yummy), my heart was set for popsicles. For one, I really love them. For two, I really appreciate a lot of straight lines on a popsicle - makes it easy to paper-piece! It is extremely satisfying to see this finished block because I wasn't sure if this idea was feasible at first. I started off with a rough sketch of a single popsicle. (The chocolate one) and then searched for some popsicles images online for inspiration to come up with a few more popsicles to go with. One thing I like about this block is that there is an ice cream man in it. Really? You can't tell? Then I need to ha

Patchwork Style by Suzuko Koseki & Fabrics Giveaway! GRUPEN WALLPAPER

So I talked a bit about Suzuko Koseki in the previous post . I thought I'd go over about her book, Patchwork Style today and give you a chance to win a free copy of the book and fabrics!! In this book, there are 35 patchwork projects ranging from a little coin purse to kitchen items, handbags, pillows and quilts. Suzuko shares with you several different techniques including applique, logcabin, free machine stitching, and quilting in her projects. Every time I flip through the pages, I find something in this book that I hadn't noticed before. The more I look closely at each project in it, the more I find out small details that make each project so cheerful and special.. I just love it. So today I'd like to host a giveaway for this book AND Suzuko Koseki fabrics! Two lucky winners will receive Patchwork Style book from its publisher and one of you will win a set of two fat quarters of Suzuko Koseki fabrics from me! (I'll pick fun SK prints for you in Japan!) To enter th


I thought I would share with you my love for Suzuko Koseki today. You may not have heard of her name, but she is a designer of really cool fabrics and an author of several patchwork books. Her popularity grew exponentially overseas so that now we can find her books in English including Patchwork Style , Playful Patchwork , and Natural Patchwork , of which the last two available for pre-order on Amazon . Since her fabrics have become more and more available outside Japan, you may own some of her fabrics without knowing they are designed by her, which happened to me at first. Until later I never associated my favorite stashes with Suzuko Koseki who happened to be the author of some of my favorite sewing books. I love her fabrics/designs so much that there aren't very many things I've sewn without her fabrics. When I am stuck at picking perfect fabrics for my patchwork projects, Suzuko's fabrics are often my solution and when I need inspiration, Suzuko's books are the firs

Still on a pincushion mission GRUPEN WALLPAPER

I have to warn you.. this post is once again going to be about log cabin pincushions that I've been making like crazy these days.. so if you are sick of looking at my pincushions by now, it might be better off to skip this post. If you still have patience to read my tedious story about each of three new pincushions, I thank you in advance for taking the time to do so :) This is probably one of my favorite pincushions I have made so far. So the story goes like this.. the blue bird (in the middle) is hungry and looking for some veggies to munch on. But as you can see, there is another bird flying in to grab the veggies on the right top corner. I felt bad, so I decided to leave him with two carrots on the left bottom. Let's hope he'll find the carrots before the other guy comes to get them. I really really like this one too. I'm so happy that I made it because this is my first project ever that I used this many purple/lavender fabrics for. I always thought I am not the big


is a very kind, sweet, generous, and creative lady I very much look up to. She has sent me lots of packages full of yummy goodies including truly precious vintage fabrics, her handmade items, and her lavender which smells the BEST! Knowing how skilled of a seamstress she is, I feel embarrassed to make anything for her, (because I know surely that she can make the same thing just a trillion times better!) but to me, there is no better way than creating something personal to show appreciation from my heart. I'm sure many of you can agree with me :) I made this with her name in patchwork not knowing what it was going to be. I thought she might like to use it as a mug rug, so I used insul bright batting but I also thought she might be kind to decide to hang it, so I added a few small loops on the back. I really enjoyed making it and couldn't wait to get this to her! Soon, I will have a post on many handmade gifts I have received from several blog friends over the span of a few mont