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Menampilkan postingan dari Oktober, 2010

Scrappy Logcabin Pincushions GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Making pincushions can be seriously addictive. I had the urge to make a logcabin pincushion this morning, and I ended up sewing up three. I really enjoy having a fun motif in the center of my log cabin. And including some pieces of fabric with writing is just necessary :) This one turned out to be a cutie! Combining all sorts of different fabrics is always fun. The poodle looks happy being surrounded by cute feedsacks. This is the other side of the pincushion. I was so happy I found this perfect fabric from my fabric stash. Its manufacturer is American (I believe it was Alexander Henry) but I found it in Japan a few years ago. Don't you have some fabrics that you really like but have never found a use for? This was one of the fabrics like that, so I am glad it's finally in use :) This one is very much vintage-inspired too. Even the red piping tape is vintage! I found an unopened, new one at a thrift store a while ago. Its original price printed on the label was 19 cent, but I t

Birthday Gift for Eriko GRUPEN WALLPAPER

My middle sister Eriko turned 26 yesterday, October 26th and this is the handmade gift I sent her. She is the girliest girl who loves everything girly, sweet, and very pink, so I should've made a pink one like this instead, but somehow this is how it turned out. While making it, I was becoming more and more sure that she would not like this busy potholder but my heart was set that this was going to be hers, so I had to gift it to her. Well let me explain why I think it should be hers, will you? First off, when she was a little kid, her dream was to become a bakery chef and she used to bake lots of yummy bread, so that explains why I started off with the bear with a pancake! And if you look at it closer, you may notice that there is a cake, a little message that says "happy birthday", and 'love'. Oh and "Congratulations" was not on purpose but it was great I included it, because she passed a really hard exam last year to become a clinical psychologist wh

Quilt Top Completed :D GRUPEN WALLPAPER

After being that inspired at the quilt festival, I knew that I would need to push myself to get back to work on this quilt. I was thinking about adding a white border, but I started feeling that it might be more interesting if pink or gray fabric is used instead to match the teeny tiny blocks. I thought the pink/brown polka dots fabric would work well for this border, but I didn't have enough of it left to make the entire border made of the fabric, so I picked pink solid fabric for the top and bottom edges of the border and added applique on it. I'm really happy with the result so far :) I'm debating whether I should keep it or list it in my shop. Although it would look really cute in my sewing space for sure, it might serve a better purpose by wrapping a little baby girl somewhere in the world... but can I part with it..? Hmm.. I'm so indecisive. Here is a pincushion I made for my friend Izumi who grows the BEST tomatoes ever in her garden. Once you get used to eating

Pacific International Quilt Festival GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Thank you to those of you who shared with me what you know about the Australian fabric I posted in the previous post. If you are curious where it came from, go ahead and read some comments under the post and learn about it :) It's so much fun to be knowledgeable about unusual mysterious fabric I have! Thank you, guys!! Today, I have about 30 pictures I want to share with you. I went to Pacific International Quilt Festival held at Santa Clara Convention Center in California which is close to my place. Ever since I moved here, I've always wanted to go to this annual quilt festival, so I was really happy that I finally made it this year. I was way too excited the night before that I couldn't sleep very well, haha. Ok, first of all, let me start with some quilts I saw at some vendors there that I totally fell in love with. I am so glad I discovered this shop called The Vintage Spool that sells original quilt patterns as well as quilt kits. Seriously, every single quilt hung a