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Unbearably Cute...! GRUPEN WALLPAPER

Sarah with the linen bag and the skirt . How could I not smile..?! (Thanks Kristina for shooting this picture for me!) Hope you all have a great day :)


Thank you for many lovely comments for my previous post ;) It makes a big difference for me to know that someone like you come to visit my blog. Thank you! Thank you! I have a couple of patchwork projects I want to share with you today. Some of you may recall that I was working on the quilt . This is how it looks like so far. Remember I told you that I had 90 blocks for it? I reduced them to 49 blocks, just because it looked unbearably busy when laid 90 blocks out on the floor. I think it is still too busy but who knows.. A miracle might happen when I have a wide sashing around those 49 blocks, right? I'm keeping my fingers crossed...! This is a little patchwork project I worked on. I used a pattern in Kumiko Fujita's Patchwork Pattern 318 . It's supposed to be a cute little basket with a set of jam, but since I picked the word salt and 50lb. It looks more like a yacht with big salt bins that just arrived at the dock or something. lol. Here is a block I made for Kerry as a


Hello everyone! It's been a long time, hasn't it? I'm sorry I had been away for such a long time. I never meant to be gone for this long but life has taken over a little. I feel like there are too many things I want to share today. I could talk about how nice it was to have my friends over from Japan and to visit lots of places with them like Napa Valley. I could talk about how much fun it has been to be a part of the Ringo Pie flickr group that Penny of Sewtakeahike and I started with super creative folks. I could also talk about fabulous surprise packages I have received in the past few weeks. And I could talk about how my sewing projects have been progressing, but you know what,I think I need to make this post short because I have to finish up this post before this little boy who's taking a nap wakes up. Ok, so let me focus on one topic today. How about me talking about the new Stitch magazine that came out very recently?! I am super duper lucky to have my projects